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PostHeaderIcon How to Meditate When You Can’t Sit Still (Like, Ever)


Meditation has a laundry list of benefits. It reduces anxiety and depression while improving concentration, work productivity, relationships, and even addictive tendencies. But in our fast-paced, distraction-filled society, learning how to meditate can be intimidating. And for those of us with racing thoughts and anxiety, it can even seem out of reach. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon Why One Museum Wants You to Meditate in Times of Tragedy

The Rubin Museum.

In wake of the recent events in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge and Dallas, the Rubin Museum hosted a Mindfulness Meditation workshop to help people cope with tragedy in the modern day, allowing them to disconnect. Read more here..

PostHeaderIcon 10 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Mindfulness And Meditation

Attorneys and meditators, Jeena Cho (left) and Karen Gifford (right). Photo Credit: Natalie Jenks

The recent interest in the practice of mindfulness and meditation, which has been around for thousands of years have gained interested in the business world primarily because we now have the ability to do the one thing that was never possible before — see how these practices change the wiring and the makeup of our brain. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon So, You Wanna Meditate

So, You Wanna Meditate. You want to choose a meditation method that feels “right” to you, that you look forward to practicing once or twice a day, and you don’t see as a chore that you “should” or “have to” perform. The secret to benefiting from a meditation practice is in the practice, not in the initial learning of it. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon Daily Meditation: Divine Dance

Today’s meditation features a song by American musician Jai Uttal. “Nataraja” is named for a form of the Hindu god Shiva that embodies the cosmic dancer. May we all find peace in this divine dance of life. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon 3 Foolproof Meditation Techniques That Will Help You Beat Anxiety

meditation lede

“Practicing meditation has been a life-altering experience. I have slowed down, become less judgmental of myself and others, and have a harder time getting angry. I can tell the difference between a day where I meditated, and one I didn’t,” says Jennifer Green, an energy core coach and founder of Namasme. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon These men think they’ve discovered the secret to productivity

Rich Pierson and Andy Puddicombe, co-founders of HEADspace.

“Headspace is our way of helping society think differently about the health and happiness of the mind. There’s always been a focus on physical health. Our focus is on the health of the mind,” he said. Puddicombe and Pierson, who practice meditation regularly, say it has helped them make business decisions more skillfully by teaching them how to take a step back. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon How music therapy brings joy to people with memory loss

Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services is asking supporters to sponsor a playlist for $10 or an iPod for $80, and a portion of the funds raised in this year's Spring Benefit Brunch also will go to support the program.

Music & Memory, a personalized music therapy program for those with memory loss, has shown real impact on mood, social engagement and family relationships, and it has our attention here at Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services. The program is gaining traction across the country as another tool for helping those with memory loss. Read more here….

PostHeaderIcon Meditation for PTSD Soldiers Can Reduce Need for Meds

After one month of transcendental meditation, more than 80% of active-duty soldiers with PTSD had stabilized, reduced, or stopped taking meds.

Transcendental meditation “takes users from a level of active thinking to a state of inner quietness that reduces levels of stress hormones and activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which drives the so-called fight-or-flight response by increasing heart rate and blood pressure,” according to a news release on the study, which was published in the journal Military Medicine. On the other hand, in the non-meditation group, 59.4% had stabilized, reduced or stopped taking psychotropic drugs while 40.5% were taking additional meds. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon Do You Need Less Sleep When You Meditate?

The first part of the study found that after 40 minutes of meditating, novice meditators did better on a mental performance test compared to their normal performance. This suggests the participants were mentally well-rested after the meditation. The second part of the study looked at the amount of sleep and mental acuity of experienced meditators compared to a group of non-meditators. Each of the meditators had at least 3 years of meditation experience and meditated for 2.3 hours per day on average. Read more here…


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