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PostHeaderIcon Baby Moana and beautiful music debut in Disney’s new international teaser

We’ve seen a teaser for the film featuring Dwayne Johnson’s Maui, but this new international teaser features an adorable look at our main character, Maona. Moana is directed by directed by Ron Clements and John Musker and stars Johnson, Auli’i Cravalho as Princess Moana Waialiki, Alan Tudyk, and Phillipa Soo and is set for a November 23, 2016 release. Read more here

PostHeaderIcon 19 musical baby names that will make your heart sing

iStock music kid

You’re never too old, or too young, to be moved by music. My daughter wasn’t exactly the happiest baby on the block, but one thing that could usually put a gummy grin on her face was turning up the music and dancing around the living room with her in my arms. Read more here

PostHeaderIcon Baby Steps: Music therapy helps premature infants thrive

Music therapist Claire Littlejohn gathers the sleeping baby girl from her incubator in Trident Medical Center’s Level II nursery, and they settle into a rocker. Iris Monroe Boyer arrived six weeks earlier than expected, and at nine days old, she weighs four pounds, two ounces. To help Iris adjust to stimulation, Littlejohn sings her a lullaby. Read more here

PostHeaderIcon Babies and Music

I’ve always been a lover of music. According to my mother, I was dancing to the Bosco theme tune from about 6 months of age and was a dancer for many years after that. m so glad to see my daughter following in my footsteps. In or around 7 months, I saw her little sways starting to emerge whenever we had music playing. Fast forward another 7 months and she’s already been labelled ‘the dancing baby’ by many! The head is shaking, the hands are clapping and the legs are bouncing. Just yesterday as we took a walk down the street, she broke into dance every time the ice-cream van drove past!. Read more here

PostHeaderIcon Top iOS news of the week: Self-healing phone screens, bigger iPad, iPads and babies


Rumors of a large iPad have been around for a while, and some code in the next version of iOS hints at such a tablet. The code discovered in iOS 9 allows scaling the onscreen keyboard to a larger size than ever before. This along with the multiple window support in iOS 9 makes one think that the iPad Pro may actually happen. Read more here


Skrillex: "In 10 years babies will make good music"

Skrillex recently sat down with American journalist Katie Couric, telling her how his music’s made for the teenager inside him. He says he’s still “young at heart” despite being 27, and adds he’s not making tunes focused on the “mentalities” of an older generation. Read more here

PostHeaderIcon Trying to Get Pregnant? What you need to be doing NOW

You should start with regular exercise or activity which helps you to de-stress but also helps your body regulate hormonal levels better and keeps your weight at a healthy level for conceiving a child. Read more here….

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