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PostHeaderIcon How to benefit from meditation… Without any mumbo jumbo


Meditation has many benefits such as reducing stress, improving breathing and increasing your mental focus. For the less spiritual amongst us though, meditation sometimes involves too many religious or philosophical references. Find a comfortable seated position, then close your eyes. Slowly choose to concentrate all your energies on one part of the body. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon Music therapists’ 5-year push for state certification continues

Currently children under the age of 3 are unable to receive aid for music therapy. State-assisted programs including First Steps and the use of Department of Mental Health waivers don’t recognize music therapy as a treatment option in part because there’s no state licensing to ensure the practice’s legitimacy. “It is not simply a musician coming in to play, it is a health-care professional coming in who has been trained on the impact of music on the brain or the other body systems regarding pain and Alzheimer’s and memory and with autistic children,” said Swan. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon Music is great ‘medicine’ for N.J. hospital patients


Stonehouse, a Washington Township resident who works as a respiratory therapist, isn’t a musician but describes herself as a fan. She says volunteering combines her love of music with helping people: “When you see patients’ reactions, it’s really good medicine. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon Music therapy ‘reversed cancer’

Katy Meiklem claims listening to therapy music has cured her arthritis and skin condition and reversed cancer Carlos Alba Media/PA Wire)

A woman claims her arthritis and skin condition have been cured and her cancer reversed after she listened to “musical medicine”. Within 12 weeks, she said the psoriasis was gone and she was able to walk up hills, cycle and do a number of other activities she had not be able to do for seven years. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon How Meditation May Help People With HIV

Meditation mindfulness

Practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM), a 20-minute twice-a-day mindfulness regimen, may help people with HIV feel better, a small new study finds. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon March for Music Therapy at TRCC March 30

 - Russell Peters, who owns Tonal Connections Music Therapy moved to Thompson in the summer of 2010, and is the only music therapist in Northern Manitoba. - Thompson Citizen photo by John Barker

March is National Music Therapy Awareness Month and in 14 communities across the country – including here in Thompson – marchers will be marching March 30 to raise money and awareness for music therapy, says the Toronto-based Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund. Read more here

PostHeaderIcon Kristen Hoffmann – There’s Healing in the Music

Kristen Hoffmann – There’s Healing in the Music. “Soul Train” host Don Cornelius used to end every show with “Peace, Love, and Soul”. Musician Kristen Hoffmann has taken that thought a step further wishing “Peace, Love, Light, and Music” to the world. Read more here

PostHeaderIcon Yoga: Restorative Medicine for Body, Mind and Soul

Yoga has been around for several millennia, and North Americans are relative newcomers to its practice. Yoga is a holistic technology that balances mind, spirit, and body and is central to Indian health practice. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon Prenatal Yoga: Why You Should Give It a Try

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that pregnant women workout for at least 30 minutes daily, or at least on most days. Benefits of exercising while pregnant include improved mood, sleep and posture, increased muscle tone, strength and endurance and also helps reduce symptoms like backaches, constipation, swelling and bloating. Read more here…

PostHeaderIcon Music therapy leaving patients on a high note

“Creating and sharing music can be a healing experience. Music is therapeutic because it is easy to relate to and resonates with people on an emotional level. It can be a useful tool to facilitate expression, and can motivate people to achieve a wide range of therapeutic goals. Read more here…

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